When Paintings are in the Process

Paintings are close to being presented for the month of May, and Cathy is really excited to show you her new ideas. As we’ve shown you, the process of a painting usually starts with some sketches, of a scene, then they are put on a canvas and then painted in! If you’ve never seen the under painting of one of Cathy’s paintings, here it is! This painting is still in the process, this part of the process is called the “underpainting”, it’s where the colors underneath the final p

Upcoming Show in Taos, NM!

Vacationing or live in Taos New Mexico? Come check out the “Vivid Views” show, featuring my art! The reception is on October 10th, 2015, Saturday 5:00pm – 7:00pm. As always, thank you all for your support! SOLD! “Quail Family” “Quail Family Cathy Carey 2015© This piece has been with me for only a short time, but I am so happy to see that my art is making others happy now as well! ________________________________________________ If you have any ideas or want to commission a pa

SouthWest Paintings

For the last 15 years I’ve gone to Santa Fe, every summer to teach painting  work shops. While I’m in Santa Fe, I see beautiful things and take pictures, I do Plein Air water colors and drawings in my sketchbooks. I take these pictures to my studio and I use them as my inspiration to create my paintings. I’m inspired mostly by the vibrant colors in the SouthWest and also the wonderful energy I feel when I’m there. Land of Enchantment 18 x 24 oil by Cathy Carey I’m in a galler

Goat Paintings of Santa Fe and Taos by Cathy Carey

Acequia Goat by Cathy Carey ©2015 10 x 30  oil “Acequia Goat” (above) Oil 10″ x 30″ $700 This little goat wearing a turquoise necklace, is seen by the Acequia Madre just off Canyon Road, the gallery district in Santa Fe. The acequia’s are the community operated Spanish irrigation canals that flood the gardens once a week. Acequia Madre means “Mother Ditch”. The rain pours down the mountains after a storm and fills the canals with the bubbling water of life. Adobe Goat by Cath

Santa Fe – Taos 2010 Watercolor sketchbook

I travel to Santa Fe every summer to teach workshops, and keep journals and watercolor sketchbooks of my time there. It’s always interesting to look back and see what I was working on, and thinking about. I did watercolors around town on walks in the morning, looking for colorful trees, foliage and interesting shadows. Santa Fe 2010 p1 I was taken with the red umbrellas around town! These are from the La Posada spa pool area and the Inn of the Anasazi. Santa Fe 2010 p2 Santa

On the Easel – January 2014

The fall was a slow time to get a lot done on my paintings. I started a few and worked as much as I could but remodeling a condo took the best part of the day away. So I was delighted when in January I was finally able to devote some real time to work. Here are some in progress pieces that will finalize next week. Some of them are shown with the under painting still visible, and some are close to being done. The Duck Pond – started from drawings and paintings I did in the des

New paintings of the Rio Grande outside Taos

I started thee two paintings in Santa Fe and finished them when I got back to San Diego. Sometimes when I do that I lose the thread of what I was intending along the way and it takes a while to get it back. But these were so clear to me what I wanted to do and how I wanted to layer the colors that they practically flew out of me! The hard part is coming up with a name. The Running Rio Grande, Watching the River Flow, Floating the River, Riding the River, Heading Back to Santa

Girl Dogs on Vacation in Santa Fe

Kira our 10 year old Golden Retriever and Yogi, our 3 year old Golden, have been having a fantastic time in Santa Fe! We had a great and mostly uneventful ride out. Kira with her baby on the ride out – we had to go back and get it 15 min into the trip Yogi likes to ride with her chin on Brian’s shoulder This is a great town for dogs, lots to do and places they are welcome. Our first few nights we took them to dinner with us. Kira had never been here before so we didn’t want t

High Country – New Taos paintings

I’ve been working on some new paintings for the Taos Gallery, horses and chamisa from photos I’ve taken of the area in the last few months. Here are two I’ve just finished. Orchard Ranch This is from some photos I took going to Taos from the side of the road. I saw the group of ponies and stopped to take pictures. The hillsides in that area were so interesting with the rock and brushy trees.  The orchards and chamisa were near the river and I combined several shots. It was Au

New Gallery in Taos!

I am in Santa Fe to teach a workshop next week, and had to take down a show at the Fairmont El Corazon yesterday. It was a great venue, nice people, and a perfect setting for my paintings. When we finished, my friend Russell and I headed up to Taos to find a new gallery. It was a beautiful drive and gorgeous day. taos mountain hwy We visited The Ranch Gallery in Taos on Kit Carson, and met Lanna Smith, and learned the gallery showcases the artwork of musicians and music. Also