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In my mind there is a place where Zorro, old California ranches with fountains, tiled courtyards and flamenco dancers still swirl to the Spanish guitar night music. Occasionally in my awakened life, I happen upon these places and it is like I have found an old friend. Time stands still, my pulse quickens as if the dance is about to begin. I see the swirling skirts and stamping heels, the colors and grandeur of another time, the patina of old world Spain.  It may only exist in my mind, but it is the secret garden of calm that I go to when I  seek peace in a turbulent world.

In this series I wanted to capture the essence of that world. I see it as rich with emotion, texture and depth, painted in thick oil paint blended for a sophisticated smooth surface.  These are not of impressionist glances built of broken brushstrokes, they are fully realized and push to the forefront of the picture plane, announcing themselves like a Don and Dona at a grand ball. They are also provincial, they are a new world interpretation of the opulence of Spain. I use an element of folk art to translate the images across the sea to America, where after a long voyage they become their own style.

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