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The Philosophy of Color

Learning the effective use of all things color

Artist and instructor, Cathy Carey has written a workbook on color, called The Philosophy of Color. Two years in the making and 40+ years of research, Carey says, "this book is everything I know about how to use color effectively!" The workbook covers many aspects of color theory, from mixing colors, to atmospheric perspective, to the history and expression of color use throughout the ages, as well as techniques on how to use different painting materials with a special emphasis on using color. The workbook explains how to personalize art through an expressive use of color. 

The book is meant to be a working part of your art library, with exercises after every chapter, and color charts to fill in, you'll want to keep it close at hand for reference. The book is housed in a spiral binder so you can work directly in the book. The CD has all the exercises in color for quick reference.

The first section covers the foundation of color theory: temperature, complements, value, atmospheric perspective etc. The information is very clear, concise, and easy to understand. Carey gives lots of examples to make it easy to remember, not just memorize. Artists of all levels will understand how to mix and use color more fully after reading this section!

In the next section Carey covers all media and how to use color in each specific media: colored pencil, (wax and water soluble), watercolor, pastel, oil and acrylic. She explains how the materials are used for the best effects, gives sample color palettes, tips on brushes and paper and describes special tricks and techniques.

Section three represents many years of Cathy Carey’s research into all the schools of art and how they used color, including cave painting, Byzantium, the Renaissance, Romanticism, Symbolism, Impressionism, Expressionism, Abstract Expressionism, Realism (to name a few of the schools covered) right up to today. This section is designed to help students find their style and understand what artists in each art period were "saying" through their art. A fascinating look at the human motivation to create art, you don't need to be an artist to appreciate museums and galleries more fully after reading this section. Click on each topic while you are online with the CD and get more information from the websites listed.

The final two sections cover how artists can make their artwork more personal, by effectively communicating with color, and using color expressively. "This information came out of the exercises I designed for students who were preparing artistic statements about their art to submit to art schools as part of their portfolio reviews", says Carey. "The exercises gave them a way to express what their were trying to say in their paintings and develop a highly personal style. I think it is important for an artist to know what they are trying to communicate through their art, and color is a very effective way to express emotion in art."

The cost of the 80+ page workbook/CD is $30.00 plus $7.75 shipping

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