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The Philosophy of Color

The Philosophy of Color

The Philosophy of Color takes you on a journey of discovery to the world of Color. This course on color theory, (black and white workbook with color CD) is written in an easy to understand style. Cathy Carey is able to link through analogies and visuals, things you already understand about color and visual depth and shows how to effectively apply that knowledge to your own work. You don’t need to memorize the rules and charts, instead you will learn to understand in obvious ways how color theory can work for you. The black and white workbook allows you to fill in the charts as you go, giving you the opportunity to take your understanding to a deeper level. This book is for artists of all skill levels, and for artists who work in all painting media. Each medium is addressed separately and you will learn the classic use of color in colored pencil, pastel, watercolor, acrylic and oil. The workbook has charts for you to fill in using your favorite medium. There are exercises with each chapter to further your knowledge of the topics discussed and to give you room to explore on your own. The CD has all the charts in color, and lots of examples of color use in paintings. Even if you have never done any painting, this book will increase your appreciation and understanding of all schools of art.

Spiral Bound for ease of coloring and painting in the actual workbook

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