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Girl Dogs on Vacation in Santa Fe

Kira our 10 year old Golden Retriever and Yogi, our 3 year old Golden, have been having a fantastic time in Santa Fe! We had a great and mostly uneventful ride out.

Kira with her baby on the ride out – we had to go back and get it 15 min into the trip

Yogi likes to ride with her chin on Brian’s shoulder

This is a great town for dogs, lots to do and places they are welcome. Our first few nights we took them to dinner with us. Kira had never been here before so we didn’t want to leave them home alone. So they dined at The Inn of the Anasazi, where they had many admirers. Several friends in town passed by and they were thrilled to be greeted by everyone! The restaurant provided them with home made biscuits and fresh water, it was heaven! Our food was delicious too, I had salmon and of course shared. The next night we dined with friends at La Casa Sena and luckily it didn’t rain and we were able to eat outside, since they would not have been able to join us inside. Again a delicious meal, and they were very well behaved. Our final dinner out with them was at La Boca’s Tapas Taverna, all was well at first but then the rain started so I walked them home and Brian and our friends enjoyed a few more Tapas!

At the Inn of the Anasazi

We drove them up to Taos to deliver my paintings and then did the Enchanted Circle Drive, it was amazing and as beautiful as everyone says. It started raining and that only added to the beautiful dramatic skies and scenery. We took a nice walk around a pond near Questa.

Yogi and Kira on a ride to Taos

Brian Yogi and Kira at Rio Grande overlook

Girls at trout pond in Questa

I suppose the thing they do best after eating and going for a ride is the morning walk. We have enjoyed beautiful morning and evening walks around  town, down dirt trails, over to Ft Marcy and to the Plaza. Every day I walk them on a different trail or path outside our front door, it’s such a gorgeous town for walking.

Yogi and Kira on the dusty trail

The girls checking out the Chamisa

Yogi and Kira on a walk

The art lover – Kira ran up to  this statue in a park near the house!

During the day I am in the studio painting and they enjoy sleeping and snoozing, snoring and dreaming along to Syd Masters cowboys around the campfire music or Spanish guitar.

The Golden Girls in the studio

Yogi in the studio

Kira in the studio

At the end of the day what could be better than a soft place to sleep with your sister and baby toy, fit for a princess!

Kira sleeping with her baby

Kira fast asleep next to Yogi on the bed

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