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Goat Paintings of Santa Fe and Taos by Cathy Carey

Acequia Goat by Cathy Carey ©2015 10 x 30  oil

“Acequia Goat” (above)

Oil 10″ x 30″ $700 

This little goat wearing a turquoise necklace, is seen by the Acequia Madre just off Canyon Road, the gallery district in Santa Fe. The acequia’s are the community operated Spanish irrigation canals that flood the gardens once a week. Acequia Madre means “Mother Ditch”. The rain pours down the mountains after a storm and fills the canals with the bubbling water of life.

Adobe Goat by Cathy Carey ©2015 10 x 30 oil

“Adobe Goat” (above)

Oil 10″ x 30″ $700  

This series of four goats started as sketches on my December trip to Santa Fe. I paired sketches of goats with sketches of places around Santa Fe and Taos. This one show adobes tucked into the Santa Fe hillsides with the Sangre de Christo mountains behind. The collar on this goat has a symbol of 2 hearts overlapping.

Mountain High Goat by Cathy Carey ©2015 10 x 30 oil

“Mountain High Goat” (above)

Oil 10″ x 30″ $700  This goat is going to have lots to eat up in a mountain meadow outside Taos in the enchanted circle. This area is so beautiful with towns like Questa, Red River and Angel Fire. In the winter this is where the beautiful ski resorts are located.

Cottonwood Goat by Cathy Carey ©2015 10 x 30 oil

“Cottonwood Goat” (above)

Oil 10″ x 30″ $700 Down by the the river, near the Rio Grande, where the cottonwoods grow, is a place where a goat could find a joyous eating adventure. I always love seeing cottonwood snow in the spring when the big fluffy cotton balls float through town. The collar on this goat has a Texas shaped medallion for fun.

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