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High Country – New Taos paintings

I’ve been working on some new paintings for the Taos Gallery, horses and chamisa from photos I’ve taken of the area in the last few months. Here are two I’ve just finished.

Orchard Ranch

This is from some photos I took going to Taos from the side of the road. I saw the group of ponies and stopped to take pictures. The hillsides in that area were so interesting with the rock and brushy trees.  The orchards and chamisa were near the river and I combined several shots. It was August and the rain clouds were amazing! The sky just fills up with beautiful clouds racing across the sky.

Orchard Ranch ©Cathy Carey 2013 oil painting

At the same time as I painted Orchard Ranch I was working on a new version of “Horses in Chamisa”. This one is larger and the mountain is styled after Taos mountain. I like the way the clouds explode up and over the mountain while all is calm and peaceful in the foreground as the wild horses munch chamisa.

Chamisa Fields

Chamisa fields ©Cathy Carey 2013 oil painting

Currently in progress are paintings of a pine forest outside Taos on the Enchanted Circle. Somewhere near Questa we took a walk with Yogi and Kira around a beautiful pond where people were trout fishing. It was quite large for a pond, but not what I’d call a lake. The water was a beautiful milky turquoise green color and the burnt sienna of the pine floor was beautiful next to it.

Stages of “One Horse Pines”

Pencil drawing on gold painted canvas

Next I draw in Golden brand  Micaceous Red Iron Oxide mixed with Carbon Black

Golden products for line drawing

micaceous line drawing by cathy carey

Next stage is to start the under painting – this time I’m using a variety of oil paints: Sennelier, Daler Rowney  and Maimeri.

Under color painting 2 in oil by Cathy Carey

Under color painting 2 in oil by Cathy Carey

Oil vs Acrylic under painting

I usually do my underpainting in Gamblin Fast Matte oils – they dry over night and are compatible with my next layers of oils. I can vary the viscosity of the paint by adding Gamblin Galkyd Light

The painting on the left for demo purposes I used Sennelier Acrylic paint, the painting on the right I used a variety of oils.

acrylic vs oil underpainting by Cathy Carey

Other paintings in progress in this series:

Ponies in the Pines

Ponies in the Pines by Cathy Carey ©2013

Chamisa and Pine

This is the first one of this series, I loved the patterns of the pine tree branches and how they made little cells of the sky and hills behind. The branch pattern also echoed the shapes in the chamisa plant.

Chamisa and Pine by Cathy Carey ©2013

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