New Paintings from May!

The month of June has begun and the month of May has passed, and here are the paintings Cathy has painted! You can check these out here, and on Cathy’s other websites. You can also check out some of Cathy’s paintings like “Palm Springs Pool Side (Right)”, “Swami’s Agave”, and “Arizona Jack” are on Display in the Fine Art Section at the San Diego County Fair! “Harley Sunshine – The Sunshine of Your Love” Oil on Linen 20 x 24 $1,300 unframed $1,420 framed “Zorro” Oil on Linen 2

Maui Watercolor Sketches: Part 2

About a week ago I showed you Part 1 to my Maui Watercolor sketch book from when I vacationed in Maui and sketched all of the beautiful sights! Here’s part two with even more to share. Maui Watercolor This was an elegant view, to see the palm trees thriving with the islands climate and the land receiving the water the ocean has to offer. Maui Watercolor We could see the volcanoes and islands blending together in the distance. Maui Watercolor There were many beautiful plants,

Santa Fe 2004/2005

Here is and older sketchbook done in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2004-2005. As with all the sketchbooks, they are a place to gather ideas and feelings of a place at the time I am there and to later go back and relive in the studio. This scene is the old Artisan store when it was on Canyon Road. I was teaching in their back room. I did an oil painting from this sketch, called “Let the Sun Shine In”. Santa Fe 2004/2005 p1 This painting is at the garden on Canyon road built by Bando

High Country – New Taos paintings

I’ve been working on some new paintings for the Taos Gallery, horses and chamisa from photos I’ve taken of the area in the last few months. Here are two I’ve just finished. Orchard Ranch This is from some photos I took going to Taos from the side of the road. I saw the group of ponies and stopped to take pictures. The hillsides in that area were so interesting with the rock and brushy trees.  The orchards and chamisa were near the river and I combined several shots. It was Au

Four Stages of a Painting – The Little Red Truck

I took photos at four stages of the progress of this painting – “The Little Red Truck”. I took the photo of this truck in Santa Fe, in the midst of a Pinon forest with Juniper and Chamisa about to flower. It was probably in August a few years back, and the truck was abandoned and rusting with several layers of paint showing through. The first stage was to do a drawing on canvas that had been gessoed with venetian red. I did the drawing in Gamblin Fast Matte oils, a combinatio

My Artistic Vision

The focus of my current work is to capture an emotional sense of reality by describing the color and drama of a place through gesture and brush stroke, color and composition. Evolving Agave by Cathy Carey I want all the elements to work together to become something that has more meaning than all the pieces separately. I paint what it feels like, not what it looks like. I want the movement and interaction of colors and shapes to feel like the rhythm and pulse of music and danc

Savoir-Faire Artist Ambassador Program

Last spring I was honored with being chosen to represent the Savoir-Faire family of products by being an Artist Ambassador. I was delighted to do it because I love their products and have had many happy results.  I use Senelier Artist Oils in my studio work, and use acrylics to travel and teach, so I started using their Artist Acrylics and mediums in my classes with exciting results. It was like Christmas the day the box of paints, paper, brushes and mediums arrived for me tr

Painting Workshop in Santa Fe August 5 – 9, 2013 with Cathy Carey

Take Your Painting to the Next Level! Make your work more personal by Controlling the language of color, Creating focal points and Tuning in to your unique creative voice with this 5-Day Workshop by Cathy Carey in Santa Fe, New Mexico! 2013 Workshop dates: Watercolor, Acrylic and/or Oil Mon – Fri  August 5 – 9, 2013 (only 3 spaces left) Mon – Fri  Sept 9 – 13, 2013 Cost: $500.00 Workshop price Includes: • Monday – Friday 9AM – 5PM – paint for unlimited time in studio rest of