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My Artistic Vision

The focus of my current work is to capture an emotional sense of reality by describing the color and drama of a place through gesture and brush stroke, color and composition.

Evolving Agave by Cathy Carey

I want all the elements to work together to become something that has more meaning than all the pieces separately. I paint what it feels like, not what it looks like. I want the movement and interaction of colors and shapes to feel like the rhythm and pulse of music and dancers.

End of the Century by Cathy Carey

The theme I am using in my current series is the life cycle of an agave that lives in my yard, and its offspring. (This series has also extended to other types of agave’s.) Sharp tipped agaves are symbols of the things that catch and hold you to a place. Beautiful things that can hurt if you get too close and yet fascinate, like the moth to the flame. In some of the paintings the agave represents the splendor and strength of youth and in others mortality.

Lotus Agave by Cathy Carey

I am working to accomplish a way to communicate something I feel that can’t be expressed any other way.  I am trying to make people feel joy and be of good cheer and yet I also have deep introspective thoughts, questions on morality and mortality. These are the things I think about when I paint, if I wasn’t an artist I would be a philosopher. I am very appreciative that I get to get up every day and head into the studio and have another idea.

Octopus Agave by Cathy Carey

My paintings are images from a beautiful experience that is gone forever, and all that remains is the memory.  Memory and experience, expression and mood are the main ingredients that drive my painting content and style. I paint in the studio so that my visions from a place can percolate into memories, I’m not just copying something I saw, but I’m reliving something I felt.

Super Moon Agave by Cathy Carey

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