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Santa Fe – Taos 2010 Watercolor sketchbook

I travel to Santa Fe every summer to teach workshops, and keep journals and watercolor sketchbooks of my time there. It’s always interesting to look back and see what I was working on, and thinking about.

I did watercolors around town on walks in the morning, looking for colorful trees, foliage and interesting shadows.

Santa Fe 2010 p1

I was taken with the red umbrellas around town! These are from the La Posada spa pool area and the Inn of the Anasazi.

Santa Fe 2010 p2

Santa Fe 2010 p3

Santa Fe 2010 p5

The church at the corner of Grant and Griffin.

Santa Fe 2010 p7

These next few are of the arroyo that runs by the condo off Rosario. The Grant Street bridge is a great overlook for the arroyo during a monsoon in the summer.

Santa Fe 2010 p8

Santa Fe 2010 p9

Santa Fe 2010 p10

I love the Inn at Loretto – and all the fascinating shapes the architecture makes with the sun light and shadows.

Santa Fe 2010 p11

My friend Sandy came out to visit and we drove out to Taos on the High Road. There was a studio tour that day and we had a blast visiting artist studios and meeting all the studio dogs! I started these watercolors but finished them at home when I had more time.

Santa Fe 2010 p13

Santa Fe 2010 p19

Santa Fe 2010 p18

Santa Fe 2010 p17

Santa Fe 2010 p16

One of my favorite places to paint – Chimayo.

Santa Fe 2010 p15

Seen from the side of the road. Often in this area I see wild Mustangs on the side of the road, but these were part of a ranch along the high road, probably near Truchas.

Santa Fe 2010 p14

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