New Movie!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Independence Day, and stayed safe! The studio has been very busy, and we are excited to unveil June’s painting to you. Today we want to show you the new movie we’ve made about which artists inspire Cathy Carey’s art work style. If you’ve ever wondered what brought her artwork to life, you’re about to find out! You can view the new film at this link, or on Cathy Carey’s Facebook page. SOLD – Gorgeous Gorge 20 x 24,  $1300 Unframed $1420 Framed

The Source of Inspiration

Cathy Carey has a lot of experience that influences her artwork, and there are many things she has learned that influence her style. But today we can solve the mystery of where the influence for artwork comes from! If you’d like to see a recent video made of her inspiration you can check it out, here. Or click this image to view: Assistant of Cathy Carey, Cass ________________________________________________ If you have any questions, comments, ideas or want to commission a p

When Paintings are in the Process

Paintings are close to being presented for the month of May, and Cathy is really excited to show you her new ideas. As we’ve shown you, the process of a painting usually starts with some sketches, of a scene, then they are put on a canvas and then painted in! If you’ve never seen the under painting of one of Cathy’s paintings, here it is! This painting is still in the process, this part of the process is called the “underpainting”, it’s where the colors underneath the final p

Escondido Municipal Contemporary Realism Show

If you haven’t attended the Escondido Municipal Gallery’s show of Contemporary Realism yet, you still have time! The show is there for viewing from May 13th till June 4th, 2016. Cathy Carey’s painting of “Somebody New to Love” (Above) was chosen as first place in the Contemporary Realism show, and is there if you want to see it in person. By going you are not only supporting Cathy Carey, but also 30 other regional artists selected to be in the show! Assistant of Cathy Carey,

Great News !

We were waiting for the news, and we’ve got it! Cathy will be showing in the San Diego County fair this year and we are so excited. The paintings being displayed are Swami’s Agave, Palm Springs Poolside(Right), White Rabbit in Wonderland – Arizona Jack, and Living in the Golden Present! White Rabbit in Wonderland – Arizona Jack by Cathy Carey 40 x 30 oil $2820 framed Swami’s Agave by Cathy Carey 30 x 30 oil $2470 framed Palm Springs Poolside (right) by Cathy Carey 20 x 24 oil

New Paintings from April!

The month of May begins and the month of April is gone, but we have some new paintings to show for it! If you were at the Art Studio Tour you got the chance to see these fresh of the easel in person. But if you didn’t get the chance, here they are below! “Madison” Oil on Linen 16 x 20 $1,050 unframed $1,170 framed “Valley of Ten Peaks” Oil on Linen 20 x 24 $1,300 unframed $1,420 framed “Spirit Island” Oil on Linen 20 x 24 $1,300 unframed $1,420 framed “Broken Hills Trail Torr

New Paintings from February!

This month, Cathy finished 7 new paintings! You can view these on Cathy’s Fine Art America page and more, links are below. This month was crazy, and it just keeps getting crazier as we approach the next Studio Tour. Just having been accepted to another gallery, paintings need to keep rolling out. Because of this, she’s been trying to get ahead on paintings by painting these: “Hollyhocks Chimayo” Oil on Linen 20 x 24 $1,300 unframed $1,420 framed “Bell Tower Park” Oil on Linen


Cathy has painted so many kinds of Chimayo’s with the hope of spreading the feeling of love and healing that the Chimayo gives her. This month she has just sold her newest one, “Silent Night Chimayo” “Silent Night Chimayo” Oil on Linen 20 x 24 SOLD If you also enjoy the Chimayo’s like we do, you’re probably waiting to see what Cathy does next! Never fear, there plenty of other styles to check out and new paintings being developed every month! Assistant of Cathy Carey, Cass __

Cathy’s Sketches

Last week we talked about where Cathy goes to get inspiration for her sketches that eventually turn into her paintings, but what do these sketches really look like? In her most recent trip to Santa Fe she did a whole bunch of sketches on animals and scenery, check it out! This slideshow requires JavaScript. Next time you’re purchasing a painting you can look at these sketches and maybe see some resemblance! The way Cathy does this is she will blind contour something she is lo

Location, Location, Location!

If you’ve ever experienced real estate or taken trips you have realized that an ideal home depends on location and the landscape present. In a lot of Cathy’s paintings she takes trips to find beautiful landscape, sketches them like so; Arizona Landscape Sketch by Cathy Carey She and then pulls the best parts and makes a painting. Some are clear locations like Palm Springs Poolside, and others are based on the feeling you get while visiting! For example, looking at one of the

Just one more?

Here’s another painting Cathy Carey has finished this month! Please feel free to check it out! This one is modeled after a few other paintings she has completed, in order to develop a bigger and even better version of it! Here is what is called “Arizona Jack”! In this painting is a jack rabbit. “Arizona Jack” Oil on Linen 30 x 40 $2,400 unframed $2,600 framed The framed price includes a Roma black matte frame. Assistant of Cathy Carey, Cass ___________________________________

Another Batch of New Colorful Paintings

Hello everyone! I hope your holidays are getting along just fine and you’re enjoying yourself, I have been hard at work like usual, developing new scenes! I am excited to present the scenes I have created inspired by Santa Fe! I just recently got back from a trip there and even with the mini vacation have produced some mighty paintings. I have also taken a plentiful amount of pictures to draw inspiration for next months paintings! Here are the paintings: Painting by Cathy Car


If you were eyeing “Evening Song”, or “Chamisa Dance on the Mesa” it’s sold! But not to worry, I’m working on 5 new paintings right now and they will be here on display in just a few short weeks! If you haven’t seen these paintings before, they are below! Painting by Cathy Carey 2015© “Evening Song” Oil on linen 24″ x 20″ Painting by Cathy Carey 2015© “Chamisa Dance on the Mesa” Oil on linen 24″ x 20″ Thank you all for your continued support! If you have any ideas or want to

Paintings are in Progress!

So as I’ve been working on this months paintings, quite hard and with lots of progress. At the moment I’m off to see new sites and when I come back I’ll show you all of the wonderful things I sketched, possibly watercolored, and definitely will paint! One of the paintings I’ve been working on include another jack rabbit, check it out! Painting by Cathy Carey 2015© This guy resembles a rabbit I did before, called “White Rabbit in Wonderland”. (This painting is sold) If you hav

La Playa Gallery Paintings

If you are local of La Jolla, or just like viewing paintings, make sure to stop by the La Playa Gallery to check out some of the paintings I have located there. Looking at them on the computer isn’t exactly the same, but you can get a small look at them below! Painting by Cathy Carey 2015© “Desert Night Music” Oil 24″ x 30″ $1800 framed $1650 unframed I have painted this scene of La Quinta out in the desert at night, several times. I like to see how my style changes and to ad

June Paintings! Part 1

I do these animal drawings as blind contour(I am looking at a picture of a bunny, not my paper, as I draw,  so I don’t see what has happened on the page until I’m done and look down. They don’t all turn out, but sometimes it is a pleasant yet unexpected surprise) Without further ado, here are the July paintings. “The Unexpected Visitor” Painting by Cathy Carey 2015© “The Unexpected Visitor” Oil on linen 24″ x 20″ $1200 unframed $1350 framed A beautiful spring day at the beach

Quail Paintings!

If you like quail, you’ll surely enjoy this post! Here a few of my quail paintings that I’ve done over time. Painting by Cathy Carey 2015 “Love” 24×30 Oil Painting – $1800 unframed This is another painting started from my sketchbook on the train to Paso Robles. This takes place where the train was going through the back country hills along the tracks around the Oceanside area. In the foreground – two quail are seen cosy’d up on a lovely spring day. I wrote the word “Love” in

Santa Fe Watercolor Sketchbook 2008

Visiting Santa Fe is alway a high point for the year. Such a beautiful place full of unique painting opportunities.  The light and colors are different here, crisp and bright. Gathering ideas for paintings is not difficult, but narrowing down to the few that will become full sized oils is.  A good place to start is to just take a walk, which my dogs, Golden Retrievers, enjoy as well. While walking through the neighborhood between Rosario Blvd and Old Taos Highway I came acros

The Garden is Ready for my Art Studio and Garden tour Dec 6 & 7!

The garden has been re-done into a desert paradise. I’ve been working towards this for 2 years and the Palo Verde Trees, Mesquite, Tipu, Texas Lilacs, Bottle Brush, Potato Vine Tree and Honeysuckle look beautiful!  Come tour my studio and gardens and help the animals at the San Diego Humane Society. This year I’m donating $5 for every $10 donation, so help out if you can! A sneak peak of the garden… Colorful Succulent Garden. For more info and directions go to: http://artstud

Cathy Carey Art Studio & Garden Tour Dec 6 and 7, 2014

Escondido Artist Opens studio to Benefit San Diego Humane Society December 6 and 7, 2014 from 10 am – 4 pm each day at 2048 Ridgecrest Place Escondido CA 92029 Cathy Carey open Studio tour Dec 6 & 7 2014 Enjoy an opportunity to meet  Cathy, view her latest work, stroll the beautiful gardens and support the animals at the Escondido Humane Society. The events of the day will also offer delicious appetizers and tasty beverages. A suggested donation of $10 will go directly to sup