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June Paintings! Part 1

I do these animal drawings as blind contour(I am looking at a picture of a bunny, not my paper, as I draw,  so I don’t see what has happened on the page until I’m done and look down. They don’t all turn out, but sometimes it is a pleasant yet unexpected surprise)

Without further ado, here are the July paintings.

“The Unexpected Visitor” Painting by Cathy Carey 2015©

“The Unexpected Visitor”

Oil on linen 24″ x 20″ $1200 unframed $1350 framed

A beautiful spring day at the beach! The sound of surf and the fresh air bring a sparkle to the alfresco brunch being enjoyed by two bunnies, when suddenly, you the viewer appear, the unexpected visitor! I loved the funny look especially on the male bunnies face.

Painting by Cathy Carey 2015©


Oil on linen 30″ x 30″ $2100 unframed $2250 framed

Resplendent is part of an ongoing series I am doing using Fauve painters like  Matisse and Bonnard for inspiration. They painted beautiful scenes as seen through windows that I admire. I use ideas, colors, patterns and other inspirations from Matisse and in this case Pierre Bonnard (1867 – 1947) paintings in combination with my own spin. This shows an interior done all in warm colors framing a beautiful view of Catalina island, looking down into the town of Avalon, from the approximate location of Zane Greys’ former adobe home.

Painting by Cathy Carey 2015©

“Peace and Joy” 

Oil on linen 24″ x 20″ $1200 unframed $1350 framed

A family of quail are scampering across a southwestern landscape, as the sun makes itself known with a glorious sunrise bursting from behind the still dark mountain. The brilliant colors of new day permeate the darkness, bringing peace and joy.


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