Success in Vivid Views!

The Vivid Views Show in New Mexico was a amazing success I’m so thankful for all of the people who attended, and missed those who wanted to attend but couldn’t. Thank you very much Lanna from The Ranch at Taos for making it possible! A big success from the night was that I sold two paintings! “Heavenly Chimayo” and “Love” “Heavenly Chimayo” by Cathy Carey 2015© “Love” by Cathy Carey 2015© If you missed it, no worries! There will be other shows. In December I’ll be holding my

Upcoming Show in Taos, NM!

Vacationing or live in Taos New Mexico? Come check out the “Vivid Views” show, featuring my art! The reception is on October 10th, 2015, Saturday 5:00pm – 7:00pm. As always, thank you all for your support! SOLD! “Quail Family” “Quail Family Cathy Carey 2015© This piece has been with me for only a short time, but I am so happy to see that my art is making others happy now as well! ________________________________________________ If you have any ideas or want to commission a pa

June Paintings! Part 1

I do these animal drawings as blind contour(I am looking at a picture of a bunny, not my paper, as I draw,  so I don’t see what has happened on the page until I’m done and look down. They don’t all turn out, but sometimes it is a pleasant yet unexpected surprise) Without further ado, here are the July paintings. “The Unexpected Visitor” Painting by Cathy Carey 2015© “The Unexpected Visitor” Oil on linen 24″ x 20″ $1200 unframed $1350 framed A beautiful spring day at the beach

Quail Paintings!

If you like quail, you’ll surely enjoy this post! Here a few of my quail paintings that I’ve done over time. Painting by Cathy Carey 2015 “Love” 24×30 Oil Painting – $1800 unframed This is another painting started from my sketchbook on the train to Paso Robles. This takes place where the train was going through the back country hills along the tracks around the Oceanside area. In the foreground – two quail are seen cosy’d up on a lovely spring day. I wrote the word “Love” in

New Paintings – Paso Robles

This month I have been working hard on paintings from my trip to Paso Robles, here are a few I finished up! <a href=”; style=”font: 10pt arial; text-decoration: underline;”>whimsical paintings for sale</a> This month several paintings are coming off the easel. The first, (and a favorite of mine), is “White Rabbit of Wonderland”. I like this one a lot because of the expression on the rabbits face. It has a look that ma

Succulent Paintings of my Garden

I’ve painted many pictures of my succulent garden, these feature a coyote that lives on the hill. At night I hear, the coyote family singing to the moon. Songs of the Good Earth 30×30 Oil Painting by Cathy Carey ©2015 Love the Good Earth 30×30 Oil Painting by Cathy Carey ©2015 Desert Night Music by Cathy Carey ©2014 Another place I love to do paintings of is La Quinta, out in palm desert. This painting shows a night scene of the succulent and cactus garden with a dangling Epi

Wildlife Paintings by Cathy Carey

Coyote Joy close up – 36 x 36 oil painting by Cathy Carey I love painting animals and their relationship to the environment. I like to show the space around them like a beautiful coat they wear and live in. In my garden we have a family of coyote that make a home in and around our neighborhood. I get such a kick out of seeing them, but I am very careful to not let my dogs get near them, or to let the coyotes get comfortable with us. They are a wild animal and for everyone’s s

October 2014 – In progress – on the easel

My first painting this month was of a place I walk the dogs, near Bernardo Mountain. I see quail in our yard and am always amused by the posturing of the parents and the little chicks tumbling across the path. The Dad reminds me of a crossing guard, holding back traffic while the family relocates. The Mom looks in a panic, trying to keep all the chicks moving and safe. The chicks look like they are stumbling out into the light of day from the dark under the bushes, barely abl