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Wildlife Paintings by Cathy Carey

Coyote Joy close up – 36 x 36 oil painting by Cathy Carey

I love painting animals and their relationship to the environment. I like to show the space around them like a beautiful coat they wear and live in. In my garden we have a family of coyote that make a home in and around our neighborhood. I get such a kick out of seeing them, but I am very careful to not let my dogs get near them, or to let the coyotes get comfortable with us. They are a wild animal and for everyone’s safety that needs to be respected.

Succulent Burrowing Owl 24 x 20 oil by Cathy Carey

At night I can hear the owls hooting. Sometimes they are as close as the chimney! But they seem to like best the tall trees so they can see all around the area. We have some major Eucalyptus trees on top of the hill in the garden that are very old and  can be seen from miles around.

Fox in Foliage by Cathy Carey ©2014

There are fox in our area too. They are much shier than either the owls or coyotes, and rarely allow themselves to be seen. I have a friend who had one hang out on his porch and yard for a day and he took some wonderful pictures. I’ve been able to use his photos as resources to really see their faces close up.

Quail Crossing by Cathy Carey ©2014 oil 24 x 30

The sweet quail that live in our yard are always a treasure to see. They have huge families and to see them escorting their chicks across the roads and paths of the garden is a delight!

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