The Source of Inspiration

Cathy Carey has a lot of experience that influences her artwork, and there are many things she has learned that influence her style. But today we can solve the mystery of where the influence for artwork comes from! If you’d like to see a recent video made of her inspiration you can check it out, here. Or click this image to view: Assistant of Cathy Carey, Cass ________________________________________________ If you have any questions, comments, ideas or want to commission a p

Succulent Paintings of my Garden

I’ve painted many pictures of my succulent garden, these feature a coyote that lives on the hill. At night I hear, the coyote family singing to the moon. Songs of the Good Earth 30×30 Oil Painting by Cathy Carey ©2015 Love the Good Earth 30×30 Oil Painting by Cathy Carey ©2015 Desert Night Music by Cathy Carey ©2014 Another place I love to do paintings of is La Quinta, out in palm desert. This painting shows a night scene of the succulent and cactus garden with a dangling Epi

Wildlife Paintings by Cathy Carey

Coyote Joy close up – 36 x 36 oil painting by Cathy Carey I love painting animals and their relationship to the environment. I like to show the space around them like a beautiful coat they wear and live in. In my garden we have a family of coyote that make a home in and around our neighborhood. I get such a kick out of seeing them, but I am very careful to not let my dogs get near them, or to let the coyotes get comfortable with us. They are a wild animal and for everyone’s s

Coyote Story Paintings by Cathy Carey

Coyote Joy oil painting by Cathy Carey ©2014 36″ x 36″ There is a family of coyotes that lives near our house. Several generations have been born and roamed across the succulent garden on our hill. We see them every so often, the young adults, Mom and Dad! They are in a mating season now, and the other night I heard a huge racket from what sounded to be a pack of them. I looked out the window to see the “Dad” chasing two younger adults down the street. Every few steps they tu

Coyote Joy

Last night as I was falling asleep with Yogi my Golden Retriever at my feet, I could hear the yelps and joyful little barks of a pack of puppy coyotes that live near our house. Their immature voices sound like they were born this spring perhaps. Coyote Joy oil painting by Cathy Carey ©2014 36″ x 36″ This painting, “Coyote Joy” is of a little coyote pup in the garden up top, loving the sun and living large in his wonderland environment. Done from a photo by Janet Kessler who w