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Santa Fe Watercolor Sketchbook 2008

Visiting Santa Fe is alway a high point for the year. Such a beautiful place full of unique painting opportunities.  The light and colors are different here, crisp and bright. Gathering ideas for paintings is not difficult, but narrowing down to the few that will become full sized oils is.  A good place to start is to just take a walk, which my dogs, Golden Retrievers, enjoy as well.

While walking through the neighborhood between Rosario Blvd and Old Taos Highway I came across this gem, The House of the Bells.

Santa Fe 2008/2009 p20

Santa Fe 2008/2009 p18

All the way up this hill are fabulous homes each worthy of a study.

Santa Fe 2008/2009 p19

Santa Fe 2008/2009 p17

At the top you come to the Cross of the Martyrs – The Original. It was used to commemorate the 21 Franciscan Priests who were killed in the Pueblo Revolt  in 1680.

Santa Fe 2008/2009 p16

This is a house on Griffin St. Painting sunlight on adobe is a fascinating exercise.

Santa Fe 2008/2009 p15

The next few sketches were done on walks on dirt roads with the dogs.

Santa Fe 2008/2009 p14

Santa Fe 2008/2009 p13

Loving the colors in the chamisa and russian sage along the way.

Santa Fe 2008/2009 p12

Santa Fe 2008/2009 p11

These were done on Canyon Road, the center for Santa Fe’s art community. Originally a residential neighborhood, now home to over 80 galleries.

Santa Fe 2008/2009 p10

Santa Fe 2008/2009 p9

On Rosario Street near our condo.

Santa Fe 2008/2009 p8

La Casa Sena one our favorite restaurants inspired “Sunshine Champagne” which eventually became a painting.

Santa Fe 2008/2009 p7

New Mexico Museum of Fine Arts.

Santa Fe 2008/2009 p6

This again is from La Casa Sena, in front of the wine shop. This one also became a painting.

Santa Fe 2008/2009 p5

Santa Fe 2008/2009 p4

These next three are all homes in our little neighborhood.

Santa Fe 2008/2009 p3

Santa Fe 2008/2009 p2

Santa Fe 2008/2009 p1Santa Fe

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