Sketches from Canadian Rockies

Excited to see some of Cathy’s Sketches and Watercolors? In August of 2015 she took a trip on the Rocky Mountaineer from Vancouver to Calgary. While she was traveling she sketched what she saw in a sketchbook and in another small sketchbook she watercolored various landscapes and water scenes. There are so many beautiful sketches, we will show you the rest in the next blog post. Let us know what you think and what would look beautiful in a painting. This slideshow requires Ja

Maui Watercolor Sketches: Part 2

About a week ago I showed you Part 1 to my Maui Watercolor sketch book from when I vacationed in Maui and sketched all of the beautiful sights! Here’s part two with even more to share. Maui Watercolor This was an elegant view, to see the palm trees thriving with the islands climate and the land receiving the water the ocean has to offer. Maui Watercolor We could see the volcanoes and islands blending together in the distance. Maui Watercolor There were many beautiful plants,

Maui Watercolor Sketches: Part 1

Here a few watercolor sketches I did a couple of years ago, I’ll be showing more in another blog post next week! We stayed at Kaanapali Beach Resort in Maui, and it was amazing! You’ll see below the kinds of beautiful views we got to experience. Maui Watercolor Sketch This water color was a view looking out into the sunset, the colors were so magnificent I had to start sketching it! Maui Watercolor Sketch (Left) I rather enjoyed the face on this tiki! Maui Watercolor Sketches

Coastal California Views from the Pacific Surfliner Train Part Two

Part two of my trip to Paso Robles from Solana Beach! In this watercolor we were passing an open space between cities. The scene is looking up a mountain, and the sky was very blue and beautiful! Watercolors by Cathy Carey 2015© I wanted to do a watercolor of this because the yellow flowers were blooming and they were so beautiful to look at! Watercolors by Cathy Carey 2015© An interesting thing about this watercolor is that the agaves were just beginning to bloom as well! It

Coastal California Views from the Pacific Surfliner Train Part One

I took a wonderful trip last March to Paso Robles to meet a friend for wine country tasting and food indulging! I took the train from Solana Beach, CA and painted watercolors along the way. Watercolors by Cathy Carey 2015© This one is seen passing from Solana Beach into Encinitas. It was still almost dark out and the sun was beginning to light things up. Watercolors by Cathy Carey 2015© A cute beach town along the way, between Encinitas and Carlsbad. Some of these I drew firs

Venice Pastels by Cathy Carey

Bicycle Murano by Cathy Carey Pastel 16 x 20 Traveling on the canal waterways of Venice you discover how beautiful the most simple things can be! Clothes on a line, shop windows or a bicycle leaning against a crumbling wall. Venice works its magic on everything – the way the light and water reflect each other as they play out on the amazing painted and gilded walls of Venice. Hanging Out to Dry by Cathy Carey 16 x 20 Pastel This group of colorful buildings is on the island of

Santa Fe – Taos 2010 Watercolor sketchbook

I travel to Santa Fe every summer to teach workshops, and keep journals and watercolor sketchbooks of my time there. It’s always interesting to look back and see what I was working on, and thinking about. I did watercolors around town on walks in the morning, looking for colorful trees, foliage and interesting shadows. Santa Fe 2010 p1 I was taken with the red umbrellas around town! These are from the La Posada spa pool area and the Inn of the Anasazi. Santa Fe 2010 p2 Santa

Georgia Sketchbook by Cathy Carey

In late Spring of 2005 Brian and I went to Georgia, it was a chance for him to take a dedicated golf course at the Ritz Carleton, (WOW) and for me to take long hikes in pine forests and have fun taking pictures and making watercolors in my sketchbook. It was a really interesting  trip for me also because my Dad is from Rome, Georgia, and all my life I heard about that part of the world, and this was the first time I experienced it. Georgia 2005 p25 A beautiful full moon rose