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Agave Paintings by Cathy Carey

My garden in Southern California where the drought has made itself a home, used to be lush with Mediterranean flowering plants! Once we started water rationing, I redid my hilltop garden to be a succulent haven. I have Agave, Aloe, and every kind of succulent you can imagine!

Avian Observatory 20 x 24 oil by Cathy Carey ©2015

End of the Century 30 x 40 by Cathy Carey ©2014

Coyote Joy close up – 36 x 36 oil painting by Cathy Carey

While I was designing the garden, I imagined what it would look like to paint so I arranged things in combinations of color and texture to make exciting painting compositions. This is not an original idea, I was inspired by Giverny – Monet’s beautiful garden home in northern France where I spent two weeks painting in 2000.

Garden of Eatin” oil 24 x 30 by Cathy Carey

The Vegan Owl 24 x 30 oil by Cathy Carey

Succulent Burrowing Owl 24 x 20 oil by Cathy Carey

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