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Matisse Windows Series

I’ve been working on a new series, a detour to explore the graphic possibilities of windows. I’ve always loved windows and doors and every few years devote some mind and hand time to exploring the shapes and framing as well as psychology of them in paint.

I find windows are an opening, a way of opening yourself to something, in this case, a beautiful view, ocean breezes, light and color. I like to look up the meaning of words I’m using and in checking out “window” I came up with a few to take note of:

A means of access or observation,  interval of time during which an activity can or must take place.

I like this…it was related to Old Norse vindauga, “window,” a compound made up of vindr,“wind,” and auga, “eye” (from http://www.thefreedictionary.com/window)

This from a dream dictionary…”an opened widow may represent desire for new adventure in life” and “the windows in our dreams may encourage us to better see the world within ourselves” (from http://www.spiritcommunity.com/dreams/w.php)

Here are the first two in a series inspired by Matisse’s beautiful work.

Beach Cottage View by Cathy Carey

Serene Scene – Matisse windows series – by Cathy Carey ©2013

Next in the series I experimented with a view I had sketched while vacationing in Laguna Beach.

Ocean View – Matisse Windows Series by Cathy Carey ©2014

This painting is of a view from La Jolla Shores. The pattern in the wall paper is of the under water kelp beds in La Jolla Cove with the bright orange Garibaldi flitting around.

Kelp Bed Cove – Matisse Windows Series by Cathy Carey ©2014

This painting was inspired by a view of the same kind of palm tree in a Matisse painting that I see outside the room I paint in. (I added the ocean view) I made the the curtain from a pattern  in a Matisse painting of agaves.

Palm Window – Matisse windows series – by Cathy Carey ©2014

To see more of my work visit:


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