New Movies in the Making

At the Art Studio we are working at developing videos about Cathy Carey’s painting style and technique that will help viewers see how Cathy’s Paintings become what they are! If you haven’t seen the first one you should check it out! We showed you how she gets inspiration in “The Source of Inspiration” Blog entry, and you can read about it, here. But people often wonder why she paints certain scenes and what she’s trying to convey, that’s the main focus of our next video! If y

Matisse Windows Series

I’ve been working on a new series, a detour to explore the graphic possibilities of windows. I’ve always loved windows and doors and every few years devote some mind and hand time to exploring the shapes and framing as well as psychology of them in paint. I find windows are an opening, a way of opening yourself to something, in this case, a beautiful view, ocean breezes, light and color. I like to look up the meaning of words I’m using and in checking out “window” I came up w