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Georgia Sketchbook by Cathy Carey

In late Spring of 2005 Brian and I went to Georgia, it was a chance for him to take a dedicated golf course at the Ritz Carleton, (WOW) and for me to take long hikes in pine forests and have fun taking pictures and making watercolors in my sketchbook. It was a really interesting  trip for me also because my Dad is from Rome, Georgia, and all my life I heard about that part of the world, and this was the first time I experienced it.

Georgia 2005 p25

A beautiful full moon rose on our last night there – we had rented a boat and taken it out on the water, it was magical. Even though we got lost, we eventually made it back by following another boat!

Georgia 2005 p24

A family of ducklings was wandering around outside our window.

Georgia 2005 p23

Soft sunrises and vibrant sunsets.

Georgia 2005 p22

Georgia 2005 p21

Georgia 2005 p20

Georgia 2005 p19

All kinds of wildlife made their home in this area.

Georgia 2005 p18

Georgia 2005 p17

The pine trees made such interesting sculptural shapes.

Georgia 2005 p16

As the moon waxed during our stay I loved watching the moonlight on the water.

Georgia 2005 p15

Georgia 2005 p14

Georgia 2005 p13

There were so many paths through the forest, I went on hikes that lasted hours and loved the smell of the pine trees and sunshine. Luckily it wasn’t too hot out or buggy!

Georgia 2005 p11

Ducklings in the stream

Georgia 2005 p10

Georgia 2005 p9

Georgia 2005 p8

So many beautiful sights of the birds by the lake and through the trees

Georgia 2005 p7

Georgia 2005 p6

Georgia 2005 p5

Some rainy days – it cleared by afternoon, and it was lovely to hear the sound of the rain in the trees

Georgia 2005 p4

Georgia 2005 p3

Georgia 2005 p2

Georgia 2005 p1

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