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Venice Pastels by Cathy Carey

Bicycle Murano by Cathy Carey Pastel 16 x 20

Traveling on the canal waterways of Venice you discover how beautiful the most simple things can be! Clothes on a line, shop windows or a bicycle leaning against a crumbling wall. Venice works its magic on everything – the way the light and water reflect each other as they play out on the amazing painted and gilded walls of Venice.

Hanging Out to Dry by Cathy Carey 16 x 20 Pastel

This group of colorful buildings is on the island of Burano, one of the many little islands that make up the Venetian archipelago. Burano was known as the lace makers island. From 1872 to 1972 the most beautiful and delicate, opulent and complicated lace was made here. today it is known for its colorful buildings. The wonderful reflections in the water really show the gentle movement of he water and serenity of the island.

Blue Shadows by Cathy Carey 16 x 20 pastel

One of the many little islands that make up Venice, is Burano – once famous for lace making, the buildings a beautifully colored many vivid hues. That combined with the exquisite architecture and wonderful textured crumbling walls leads to a sensory overload! Consequently, a simple scene of a door, window and flower pot, transcends the ordinary and becomes a delight.

Venetian Palace by Cathy Carey 16 x 20 pastel

This was a beautiful old palace, one of the nicest on the canal, the creamy color was so fresh with the white trim, and the glittering water all around. The shadowed poles of gondola “parking” spaces was a great framing device for the picture.

Bluest Sky in Venice by Cathy Carey 16 x 20 pastel

Fortune smiled on me this day in Venice. It was late fall, cool, clear and a stunning Cobalt blue sky domed the the beautiful lagoon of Venice. I felt like I was inside a treasure box, and used jewel tone colors to express the feeling of being within the shimmering light.

Green Light Water by Cathy Carey 16 x 20 pastel

Just outside the “palace” we were staying in, I happened upon this scene, the glow of the light in the shallow water by the dock looked like a light was on under the water. I was mesmerized. The gondolier costumes were such perfect complements to the dazzling colors and textures of everything around them. The bobbing gondolas opposite each other, created my favorite kind of diagonal composition, working your eye through the painting bottom to top.

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