How Artwork and Style Changes

It’s usual for artists to experience the process of a changing art style. It’s a very natural thing and can be dependent on mood and or practice! Sometimes the change is intentional. In Cathy Carey’s artwork we can see that she has had a variation of styles and every time there was a different focus. If you check out her new site: You can view her different themes. For example, in the past there was a series from Italy. “Hanging Out to Dry” and “Bicycle

Venice Pastels by Cathy Carey

Bicycle Murano by Cathy Carey Pastel 16 x 20 Traveling on the canal waterways of Venice you discover how beautiful the most simple things can be! Clothes on a line, shop windows or a bicycle leaning against a crumbling wall. Venice works its magic on everything – the way the light and water reflect each other as they play out on the amazing painted and gilded walls of Venice. Hanging Out to Dry by Cathy Carey 16 x 20 Pastel This group of colorful buildings is on the island of