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#Summer Colors 2014

As the seasons change so do our #color inspirations. Summer evokes many emotions that #colors can represent. “Fresh and exciting, romantically nostalgic, bright and passionate – colors which take you on an adventure. Some of them resurface as old memories while others begin the creation of new ones.”

Pink on Ice $70 by Cathy Carey ©2014

Pink Ice earrings $35 by Cathy Carey ©2014

“Spring/Summer 2014 colors range from soft cosmetic tones to deep ocean blues. The fresh pinks in ‘Rose Tinted’ reflect the mood and desire of all thing new that come with the blooming flowers of spring. ‘Kelp Forest’ cools the hot July air with visions of the ocean’s ambience.

The smooth cosmetic tones and passionate reds in ‘Glam’ are conquering our senses. We look to faraway lands with the desire of finding beauty unique from what we know. “Ornate Beauty” is a celebration of tradition and exotic charm with its rich earthy colors accented with vibrant fuchsia and cobalt blue.”


Klimt Gallery Bracelet $38 – fired pieces from Klimt paintings

The burning red, orange,and yellow bring to mind a summer sunset…

Ocean earrings – $30

…or a cool dip in the Mediterranean.

Monet Bauble $70 – Fired images form Monet paintings

All of these gorgeous pieces that evoke the season can be found at:


View my paintings at


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