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Owl Paintings by Cathy Carey

Some of the things I was thinking about in creating this series were thoughts and questions of morality and mortality. In nature animals hunt and eat other cute animals we really like, and that can be an upsetting topic for a painting. At other times I apply the idea of an owl looking down at quail as being symbols of mankind, militarized factions ready to feast on the accidental innocent. Quite different thoughts than my symbolic ideas of owls as beautiful and wise. They are silent night flyers and predators and are a vital part of the balance in our ecosystem. They look so free as they swoop through the midnight, I love hearing their soft smokey hoots at night, as they call to each other under a full moon.

Succulent Burrowing Owl 24 x 20 oil by Cathy Carey

“Succulent Burrowing Owl” (above)

Oil 24″ x 20″ $1350 framed $1200 unframed On the top part of our hill – where I have the succulent garden – I imagined this burrowing owl interrupted in his evening burrow. The fabulous photo reference was done by my friend Russell Oiring. We had some great evening sunsets in December that lit up the sky with coral and red.

The Vegan Owl 24 x 30 oil by Cathy Carey

“The Vegan Owl” (above)

Oil 24″ x 30″ $1950 framed $1800 unframed 

How do I begin to explain the amazing/amusing controversy that became “The Vegan Owl”. I asked friends online to help me with  a name, and got some great ones, but nothing quite exactly right. I wanted to express how the owl was out at golden hour, enjoying the late afternoon sun. The quail are peering out from the succulents and foliage, and see him. (Which accounts for the wide eyed boggling look on their faces) He does not see them. There was much fun made with titles like “Lunch” and “Owl be Back”. At the same time this was going on, I was trying to decide what to enter for the next Escondido Municipal Gallery show – titled: “Food for Thought”. So I decided to kill 2 birds with one stone (oops- sorry) and named the painting “The Vegan Owl” and entered it into the show. It’s a Peoples Choice award show – so if you’re in the gallery and like my painting vote for me! 

Neighborhood Watch 24 x 30 oil by Cathy Carey

“Neighborhood Watch” (above)

Oil 24″ x 30″ $1950 framed $1800 unframed

This owl is perched high above Muirlands, in La Jolla. The ocean is in the background, and the little houses nestle down for the night. I like to think a wise old owl is watching over me in the midnight hours. My fascination with owls lately started with a recent resurgence of owl hooting at night outside my window. I looked up to see what kind of owls they might be, discovered they were barn owls and became enchanted with their beautiful faces.

Land of Enchantment 18 x 24 oil by Cathy Carey

“Land of Enchantment” (above)

Oil 24″ x 20″ $1350 framed $1200 unframed Flying over the Rio Grande outside Taos, a barn owl has a great view of the running river and canyon walls. I love the way this area looks, with the very flat top of the mesa and the craggy, rough area where the river carves through. The geology of this area was made when the North American and Pacific plates rubbed past each other twenty nine million years ago.

Fly by Night 24 x 20 oil by Cathy Carey

“Fly by Night” (above)

Oil 24″ x 20″ $1350 framed $1200 unframed My next trip in December 2014 was to the desert, out in Rancho Mirage. There are lovely trails through the canyons with beautiful desert foliage. This owl is flying through the agave bloom stalks near an oasis lit up by the moonlight. This is the swoop that owls make as they rush past your head and you wonder, did I really see that?

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