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New October Paintings!

Every month I do my best to make five new paintings, and this month I have been too busy to do all five! Here are the four paintings I have finished! If you would like to find about these as soon as I put them up you should sign up for my Newsletter! That way you will always know what’s new. Without further ado, here they are.

Best friends forever web

“Best Friends Forever” by Cathy Carey

Oil on linen 30″ x 24″ $1800 unframed $1950 framed 

Sometimes when I’m painting I don’t have a particular story in mind, but as it forms I begin to see one take shape. That was the case here. I had the idea to paint a Javelina, I just love them!

Cannonball web

“Cannonball” by Cathy Carey 2015©

Oil on linen 20″ x 24″ $1200 unframed $1350 framed

The look of shear delight on this rabbits face, as he does a barreling roll down the hillside, reminds me of my childhood play.

Late for a very important date web

“Late For a Very Important Date” by Cathy Carey 2015©

Oil on linen 24″ x 20″ $1200 unframed  $1350 framed

The three paintings I did this month of rabbits, are really of our new little dog, Sonny. He is the most funny, animated little guy! We discovered we are his 5th owners, and he was lost in the desert for 2 weeks when we found him, but in spite of that, he must have an incredibly strong personality and will to rally to become such a light hearted, dancing darling.

Run Laugh Sing be happy web

“Run, Sing, Laugh – Be Happy” by Cathy Carey 2015©

Oil on linen 20″ x 24″ $1200 unframed $1350 framed

The white rabbit takes a running leap off the edge of a hill and flies through the air into the next adventure. I love that feeling I used to get of playing outdoors, and feeling the pure exhilaration of movement and space as I danced through the beautiful world.


If you have any ideas or want to commission a painting feel free to contact me at any of the links below. Your opinion is important!  

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment or email me at:



Twitter: @careyartstudio

Newsletter Link: Here

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