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My Studio

I spend a lot of time in my studio, so over the years I’ve invested in taborets, and easels and of course I love buying art supplies. I used to teach a lot of classes and workshops, so it was important for me to be able to answer questions about products, and know how different brands held up. I work in all mediums, and so I have invested in pastel, oil and watercolor supplies and acrylic products.

Cathy Carey's studio - oil area

Cathy Carey’s studio – oil area

Some of my Favorites

Oil Brands I like best and use most are:

Daler-Rowney Artist Oils. These are not easy to come by in the states but in Europe are very popular. They are a great value for a great quality product. Favorite colors are Alizarin Green, Cobalt Violet and Permanent Magenta.

Sennelier Extra Fine Artist Oils. Wonderful consistency and I like their overall palette of colors. Good value to quality ratio, easy to find, they are carried by most stores. Favorite colors are all the Naples Yellows, Chinese Orange and Azure Blue.

Maimeri Puro Oils. Richest color consistency, the pigment is very strong and the colors come out of the tube very intense. More expensive than the other brands, but if you like strong color definitely worth it. Favorite colors are Kings Blue Deep, and they have really good greens.

Gamblin Artist Grade Oils. Great range of colors and the supporting mediums are the best. Gamsol, Galkyd and Neo Meglip are my favorites. My favorite color is  Cobalt Teal.

Cathy Carey's studio - pastel area

Cathy Carey’s studio – pastel area

Brushes for Acrylic and Oil

Favorites are Da Vinci and Robert Simmons. I like a slightly soft brush for blending and yet can also hold a thick load of paint. Robert Simmons white sable does a terrific job and is inexpensive. I love every Da Vinci brush I’ve ever used!


I love the consistency of Unison pastels, and the amazing range of colors they have and the way they arrange them in boxed groups. I find that very useful in matching colors near each other.

I think Sennelier’s fixative is the very best.

Wallis paper is terrific and Ampersand board with the pastel coating are my favorite surfaces.


Favorite paper – Arches block in rough, full sheet 300# rough and cold pressed.

Favorite paint brands  – Daler-Rowney and Sennelier

Cathy Carey's studio - watercolor area

Cathy Carey’s studio – watercolor area

Easels and Taborets

Best Brand – makes the easels and taborets I have, and I think they are wonderful. Made from American Oak and carried by Jack Richeson in most art stores.

Cathy Carey's studio - easel

Cathy Carey’s studio – easel

To see my art visit:

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