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Making a painting from Cancun

In July Brian and I took a trip to Cancun. It was our first time there and so we were anxious to explore and see all we could. On a day trip to see cenotes (natural sink holes filled with fresh water) and caves south of town I found my perfect location for the first painting. My paintings always start with sketches, pencil and/or watercolor. Here I want to show the progression from start to finish.

These are blind contour sketches I did while there, I combined them to make the image for the painting.

Cave by Cathy Carey ©2014

cave entrance by Cathy Carey ©2014

Research is always part of the creative process, these are a few of the materials I used.

Book on Codex Nuttall, photos from trip, watercolor sketches from trip, blind contour drawings and finished sketches

Research materials for a painting of Cancun

Watercolors done on location. Here I am, palette, brushes and sketchbook.

Working on a watercolor at the underground river Cenote

Watercolor sketch for Underground River

Underground river with butterflies

Work in Progress of Underground River, first layer.

Stage one on Underground River

Second layer.

Stage 2 on Underground River

Third layer.

Stage 3 on Underground River

The finished product.

Final Underground River ©2014 Cathy Carey

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