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New Steampunk Jewelry Website

steampunk web log trans

My new website, Steampunk Jewelry,  showcasing my hand painted, collaged and beaded jewelry is now live! What an amazing amount of work, yikes! I could have finished a few paintings in the time it took me to figure it all out and shift the site from Joomla and Bluehost to WordPress and A+net. I am so happy with the results though – it was worth it. It is very user friendly with a terrific store that has great pictures of my pieces. It’s easy to purchase from, and keeps track of inventory, which is critical when every pieces is one of a kind!

Take a look and let me know what you think. Thanks!

hand painted wearable art pieces by Cathy Carey

hand painted wearable art pieces by Cathy Carey


To view my paintings visit

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