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New Coyote Paintings

I’ve been working on a subject series within a series for the last few months. While doing the Agave series, I focused on my own succulent agave garden. I am in the process of re-doing the garden on our hill, and have been “painting with plants” in the garden, and then doing sketches, and then doing large oil paintings.

succulent garden p.20

succulent garden p.19

Then after an experience of seeing a coyote on the hill in the garden I started adding coyote’s to the garden paintings. Here are a few I’ve finished so far.

Love the Good Earth oil 30″ x 30″ ©Cathy Carey 2014

Songs of Good Earth oil 30″ x 30″ by Cathy Carey ©2014

Coyote Wonderland oil 30″ x 30″ by Cathy Carey ©2014

To see more of my paintings go to:


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