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Evolving Agave

This painting has been great fun to watch evolve! I’ve worked on it in many layers, showing here are two main layers: under painting before and after agave stalk appears.

Evolving Agave Stage 1 by Cathy Carey

The underpainting process involves painting in gold the whole canvas, then drawing in Gamblin Fast Matte with a combination of purple and black the image without the agave stalk. Next comes working on the under color layers that will show through to last layer in an opposite or other color kind of way.

Evolving Agave Stage 2 by Cathy Carey

Next pic show the agave stalk and developed sky. I’ve also worked on the aloe field behind the agave. Next will be to finish the ocean, stalk details, and finishing details through out.

And here is the final!

Evolving Agave by Cathy Carey

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