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Coastal California Views from the Pacific Surfliner Train Part Three

After changing trains in LA to the Coastal Starlight – a very nice train with overnight accommodations which goes all the way to Seattle Washington – our next stop was Santa Barbara. It is a beautiful area with charming houses on rolling hills, and all kinds of nice textures and colors! From there we passed through the agricultural area of Lompoc we could see fields planted with strawberries and other leafy things, growing all the way across to the foothills and mountains. You can see my watercolor of it below.

Watercolors by Cathy Carey 2015©

Ventura is a beautiful spot with wonderful views of the ocean. There is also a fresh breeze that ruffles the Spring vegetation as the waves rush to shore.

Watercolors by Cathy Carey 2015©

The western views are what make this train ride so famous, and there are coastal scenes for several hours! This time of year the hills are decorated with all kinds of ice plant blooming yellow and purple flowers. It is quite spectacular!

Watercolors by Cathy Carey 2015©

We got a change in scenery as we traveled north, and there were pine trees starting to appear on the east side of the train. There were lots of rolling hills, grazing cattle, and fields of grasses. Everything was very fresh from springtime.

Watercolors by Cathy Carey 2015©

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