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A trip to Cancun – Cenotes

We are now back from an amazing trip to Cancun. We spent a few days beaching it, but most of our time was spent on adventure tours and we had such a blast! I got lots of good ideas for paintings and did some sketches and watercolors while there.


These are sinkholes all over the Yucatan. There are no above ground rivers in the Yucatan, the area is all limestone and water pours through to the underground rivers which are beautiful, clean, and the perfect temperature. Some are accessed by walking in and then they are below you, some are holes in the ground you could jump into, and some have cave entrances.

Jumping into Cenote

We went rafting on a really cool cenote that was a wall lined river that ran through the jungle.

rafting on cenote

The jungle surrounding these beautify emerald green and aqua colored pools was so beautiful. On this one we zip lined into the cenote. There were beautiful lily pads in the water and gorgeous foliage all around.

Ziplining into Cenote

This Cenote was inside a cave you rappelled into, or you could also enter by jumping in from a lower entrance. It was the most beautiful blue color. You could see where the tree roots from above grew down into the water.

Inside the cave cenote

Underground river cave

Cave entrance as seen from below

This was my favorite day, it was so unusual and the trip company, Xcaret – Xenotes did such a great job. It was perfectly safe, exciting and different. There was no way you could do this on your own. A small van picked you up at your heel and we did all the activities together. They also served a terrific lunch with wine and beer. The people were friendly and informative and the whole experience was so positive we decided to try another of their tours – Xplor. Stay tuned for the next post on Xplor!

Sketches from Cenotes 

cave entrance by Cathy Carey ©2014

Luum cave entrance by Cathy Carey©2014

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