A trip to Paso Robles and Big Sur

Recently Cathy has gone out into the big world again and traveled to bring in new inspiration to her artwork and come up with more great ideas for her paintings. This time she went to Paso Robles and Big Sur, while she was there she did plenty of sketches of what she saw from the train. We jut might be seeing some of these images come to life in a painting in the future! This slideshow requires JavaScript. Not only did she do sketches but she took plenty of photos to be inspi

Sketches from Canadian Rockies Part 2

We told you we would be back with more Sketches and Watercolors from Cathy’s trip to Calgary! We hope you enjoy them as much as we do. This slideshow requires JavaScript. Let us know what you think in the comments below! Assistant of Cathy Carey, Cass ________________________________________________ If you have any questions, comments, ideas or want to commission a painting feel free to contact the artist, Cathy Carey, at any of the links below. Your opinion is important! If

Sketches from Canadian Rockies

Excited to see some of Cathy’s Sketches and Watercolors? In August of 2015 she took a trip on the Rocky Mountaineer from Vancouver to Calgary. While she was traveling she sketched what she saw in a sketchbook and in another small sketchbook she watercolored various landscapes and water scenes. There are so many beautiful sketches, we will show you the rest in the next blog post. Let us know what you think and what would look beautiful in a painting. This slideshow requires Ja

Cathy’s Sketches

Last week we talked about where Cathy goes to get inspiration for her sketches that eventually turn into her paintings, but what do these sketches really look like? In her most recent trip to Santa Fe she did a whole bunch of sketches on animals and scenery, check it out! This slideshow requires JavaScript. Next time you’re purchasing a painting you can look at these sketches and maybe see some resemblance! The way Cathy does this is she will blind contour something she is lo

Maui Watercolor Sketches: Part 1

Here a few watercolor sketches I did a couple of years ago, I’ll be showing more in another blog post next week! We stayed at Kaanapali Beach Resort in Maui, and it was amazing! You’ll see below the kinds of beautiful views we got to experience. Maui Watercolor Sketch This water color was a view looking out into the sunset, the colors were so magnificent I had to start sketching it! Maui Watercolor Sketch (Left) I rather enjoyed the face on this tiki! Maui Watercolor Sketches

Trip to Paso Robles Watercolor Sketches

This slideshow requires JavaScript. #CoastalScenes #sketches #Oceanviews #encinitas #Scenery #Oceanside #Flowers #succulents #pasorobles #Beach #Fields #Prettyscenes #watercolors

A trip to Cancun – Cenotes

We are now back from an amazing trip to Cancun. We spent a few days beaching it, but most of our time was spent on adventure tours and we had such a blast! I got lots of good ideas for paintings and did some sketches and watercolors while there. Cenotes These are sinkholes all over the Yucatan. There are no above ground rivers in the Yucatan, the area is all limestone and water pours through to the underground rivers which are beautiful, clean, and the perfect temperature. So