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Painting In Progress – Kira the Golden Retriever

Kira – drawing by Cathy Carey

Kira – first layer painting by Cathy Carey

Kira the Golden by Cathy Carey

About 5 months ago we lost our beloved and beautiful Golden Sazi – she was just 10 years old – to Hermangiosarcoma, a terrible heart cancer that is prevalent among Goldens. Zuni (our previous Golden) also succumbed to the same disease at 10 – three years before.

So in May we adopted Kira from the Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue – a  lively, friendly, beautiful 10 year old golden. She had been neglected for 8 years, living outside, and while not abused, had not been given the love she desperately wants. She is funny, friendly and loves to go on walks and be petted and have her teeth brushed. She loves her toys and all people and dogs! She probably even loves cats! So we adopted her so we could give her the wonderful life we had wanted to share with Sazi and Zuni. Now Kira and Yogi (our 3 year old Golden) are my art studio muses and posers. They sleep and snore and snuffle through the day as I paint. Here is a study of Kira standing by the side of table laughing at me. As I glance over – I laugh back. She is a joy.

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