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Museum Show

I'm excited to have been included in the Oceanside Museum of Arts, 2022 Artist Alliance Biennial, showing

December 18, 2021-May 1, 2022


704 Pier View Way

Oceanside CA 92054

(760) 435-3720

"At the Heart of Life's Journey"

40" x 30" oil.

During the time I was working on this painting, my Mom who was 98 went into hospice and passed away. I traveled back to Virginia several times to see her in those last months. She had lived a long and beautiful life and I tried to capture in this painting the idea of life as a place you journey through. The clouds are the passage of time. The depth of the canyon and distance of the mountains represent the many places you will go, challenges you will have and things you will experience. The horses represent the emotion of life and partnership, connection and love. It’s those connections that are the heart of life’s journey, the fellow travelers you meet along the way.

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