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Desert Landscape Paintings by Cathy Carey

One of the places I love to go visit and paint is the desert outside San Diego. Going a little north and east is the Palm Desert area and San Jacinto mountains. Rancho Mirage is where we usually stay. To the east is the Anza Borrego desert, going through Julian or Ramona and is much less populated. Fantastic for sighting wildlife and nice hikes when it’s not too hot! Great for cooling off in the pool when it is!

Palm Spring Poolside left by Cathy Carey©2013

Palm Spring Poolside right by Cathy Carey©2013

Sunnylands in Rancho Mirage

I did some plain air paintings here one weekend when it was open for a special event to artists. I had such an amazing time and got lots of good photos and sketches. I also did this painting on site.

Sunnyland Agave oil by Cathy Carey ©2013

Rancho Mirage

We stay at the same place every year, and usually go around Christmas. The air is clear and fresh there is sometimes snow on the mountains and it’s a beautiful warm sunny day on the desert floor!

Java Jolt oil by Cathy Carey ©2013

Steaming Jacuzzi Joe by Cathy Carey ©2014

I’m very inspired by the night sky, the distant stars and Nebulas. I love seeing the Milky Way and there is nowhere better to get the full sky experience than in the desert!

Coachella Cosmic Agave by Cathy Carey 30 x 30 ©2014

Desert Night Music by Cathy Carey ©2014

The desert on a full blast sunny day is beautiful! The colors are strong and clear and the vistas go on forever.

Cahuilla Totems oil by Cathy Carey ©2014

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