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As Seen in American Art Collector Magazine

Vaughn Woods of The La Playa Gallery in La Jolla had this to say about her solo show at his gallery: "“Cathy Carey’s new impressionist collection of oil paintings at La Playa Gallery is outstanding in what it reinforces and rejects. Her use of vibrant colors in natural settings speaks boldly of the importance of the natural world. Her paintings quietly reject industrial permissiveness and social equivocation while delivering hope. Her primary goal is to express hope and joy through the connection she feels in nature. Carey portrays the natural world as a vulnerable, joyous, unapologetic, and confident place; bold-yet peaceful. Such a world is more flexible than concrete, building permits and political policies. She is not on a mission. She paints what she feels and this is hope.”

“By placing the natural world alongside man made objects, devoid of concrete, Carey awakens the observer to a more promising world. She is solving a problem instinctively human. We thirst for natural settings. As such, Cathy Carey paints philosophical toward hopefulness and away from the chaos of concrete. This is not romantic as much as expressive of real settings that transcend the observer through promise. This is thought leadership.

La Playa Gallery has requested and received authorization to become the west coast distributor of Cathy Carey paintings. Her works are that important. Patrons cherish her works. Her works are stylistically at a high level and consistent. Her thought leadership is ahead of its time. Her paintings are increasing in value. She is also a favorite among a growing list of San Diego contemporary art collectors.”

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