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Land of a Thousand Golden Suns

Land of a Thousand Golden Suns

SKU: 3431

40W x 30H

$3150.00 unframed

This area of Laguna Beach called Treasure Island is one of my favorite places to go and sketch. The best time of year is in December when the aloes bloom. It is an incredible sight on a sunny, warm winter day, it feels like a thousand warm golden suns are tickling the landscape.

I feel it is my mission in life to bring happiness and joy through my art to as many people as I can. I am communicating through my work that we are all connected through beauty and love.

My intention is to create a visual space for people to feel joy. In order to express emotion in my paintings I use color and composition to communicate my story. I’m not just copying something I have seen; I’m reliving something I felt. 

I add something of my soul to every painting, so that when someone looks at my artwork long after I’m gone, some enmeshed part of my spirit is gazing back, saying “be of good cheer”.

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