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Finding a Path Home

Finding a Path Home

SKU: 3420

30W x 24H

$2400.00 unframed

I modeled this painting from the views of Camelback mountainI saw when visiting there. I hike a lot, and sometimes run into littles critters that scamper off so fast I can’t tell what they are! I paint this theme a lot, in tribute to all the unexpected and delightful encounters with nature. 
When I am painting I ask myself, what is this about? What am I trying to say with this painting? This series and my paintings of coyote and fox, are about living as neighbors and as a community with all of nature, to support the many ecosystems of our world. I want to make awareness about the interdependence of people, the land and the flora and fauna.I believe animals have emotions and attachments in life as humans do. Living with my beloved dogs over the years and watching them express themselves, it became clear they were very emotional and capable of feeling many flavors of emotion. I realized that ALL animals are like that, they have emotions and attachments in their lives that are similar to our own. I see them as being soul spirits just like we are, but inhabiting different bodies.

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