• Cathy Carey

Happy Birthday Sazi

A little past midnight I woke up to flashes of lightning and crazy cracks of thunder. My first thought was that you would be scared and I needed to hold you. I hope that wherever you are there is no thunder or things that scare you. I miss you everyday and until I see you again I will be lonely for the love I saw in your eyes.

Sazi jumping for joy last year on her birthday in Santa Fe – photo by Aunt Sandy

Sazi – by Cathy Carey

Sazi picks her favorite duck for a birthday present last year – photo by Aunt Sandy

I hope she is somewhere beautiful and safe SpringLeft – by Cathy Carey

Sazi was my favorite muse pastel by Cathy Carey

Close up of Sazi on her 10th birthday – photo by Aunt Sandy

Sazi’s 10th birthday cake – photo by Aunt Sandy

Sazi in clover by Cathy Carey

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