Maui Watercolor Sketches: Part 2

About a week ago I showed you Part 1 to my Maui Watercolor sketch book from when I vacationed in Maui and sketched all of the beautiful sights! Here’s part two with even more to share. Maui Watercolor This was an elegant view, to see the palm trees thriving with the islands climate and the land receiving the water the ocean has to offer. Maui Watercolor We could see the volcanoes and islands blending together in the distance. Maui Watercolor There were many beautiful plants,

Maui December 2008

Maui Dec 2008 p1 This is a sketchbook I did while on vacation on the Hawaiian Island of Maui in 2008.  We were escaping a big storm in San Diego that week, so it felt great to be in the tropics. Maui Dec 2008 p2 Maui Dec 2008 p3 Although we had some rain of our own it was mild and warm! Maui Dec 2008 p4 Maui Dec 2008 p5 Maui Dec 2008 p6 Maui Dec 2008 p7 There are so many ocean creatures to share to water with here,  beauty abounds. Maui Dec 2008 p8 Maui Dec 2008 p9 Maui Dec 2