New Movie!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Independence Day, and stayed safe! The studio has been very busy, and we are excited to unveil June’s painting to you. Today we want to show you the new movie we’ve made about which artists inspire Cathy Carey’s art work style. If you’ve ever wondered what brought her artwork to life, you’re about to find out! You can view the new film at this link, or on Cathy Carey’s Facebook page. SOLD – Gorgeous Gorge 20 x 24,  $1300 Unframed $1420 Framed

New Movies in the Making

At the Art Studio we are working at developing videos about Cathy Carey’s painting style and technique that will help viewers see how Cathy’s Paintings become what they are! If you haven’t seen the first one you should check it out! We showed you how she gets inspiration in “The Source of Inspiration” Blog entry, and you can read about it, here. But people often wonder why she paints certain scenes and what she’s trying to convey, that’s the main focus of our next video! If y

New Paintings from April!

The month of May begins and the month of April is gone, but we have some new paintings to show for it! If you were at the Art Studio Tour you got the chance to see these fresh of the easel in person. But if you didn’t get the chance, here they are below! “Madison” Oil on Linen 16 x 20 $1,050 unframed $1,170 framed “Valley of Ten Peaks” Oil on Linen 20 x 24 $1,300 unframed $1,420 framed “Spirit Island” Oil on Linen 20 x 24 $1,300 unframed $1,420 framed “Broken Hills Trail Torr

How Artwork and Style Changes

It’s usual for artists to experience the process of a changing art style. It’s a very natural thing and can be dependent on mood and or practice! Sometimes the change is intentional. In Cathy Carey’s artwork we can see that she has had a variation of styles and every time there was a different focus. If you check out her new site: You can view her different themes. For example, in the past there was a series from Italy. “Hanging Out to Dry” and “Bicycle

My Inspirations

I was recently contacted to join Patience Brewster’s efforts to showcase artists and write about myself as an artist, and do a post about my inspirations. As it happens I have been taking a course through Xanadu gallery called “Art Business Academy” and I recently wrote a piece about my inspirations and ongoing goals. Here are some answers to their questions and at the end my Art Statement. For more information on Patience Brewster check her blog

The Expressive Color Paintings of Cathy Carey

I have been creating my style from many different elements. I have been inspired by Monet, Matisse, and Van Gogh. If you look at my paintings, can you see these influences? Ocean View – Matisse Windows Series by Cathy Carey ©2014 Surf Sup oil by Cathy Carey ©2015 Songs of the Good Earth by Cathy Carey ©2014 Another aspect of my style, is the way I do the drawing stage. I fill sketchbooks with blind and modified contour drawings, then scan them into my computer and create a co

Cathy Carey: Video on Inspirations and Symbolism in My Work

My husband, Brian Sinofsky, just finished the first part of several video’s that he shot during a talk I gave at La Playa Gallery in La Jolla, CA in January 2015. The talk is about the symbolism in my work and my inspirations: Monet, Van Gogh and Matisse. #art #videoaboutinspirations #CathyCareyspeech #Matisse #ContemporaryExpressiveColorist #ClaudeMonet #VanGogh

Speech for Poway art show September 13, 2014 by Cathy Carey

This show is a retrospective exhibit of the last 14 years of my painting career. In order to appreciate how my Expressive Colorist painting style has evolved, I want to talk about three painters who have influenced my style. Claude Monet was an Impressionist whose time period was (1840-1926), Vincent Van Gogh was a Post Impressionist whose time period was (1853 -1890) and Henri Matisse was a Fauve and Expressionist, whose time period was (1869-1954). In 2000 I was fortunate t

The Habit of Pattern – next in the Matisse Window Series

One of the things I have always loved about Matisse’s paintings is his use of color (of course) and his use of pattern. I also love his rhythmic line work and the flow of his compositions. So in his spirit and honor, I’ve been working on some windows of coastal views. I wanted to play with the cool interior against a warm exterior with a few colors from inside vibrating on the outside and a few from outside spicing the inside. This one celebrates the beauty of patterns on pat