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Cathy Carey

Art Studio & Gallery

Contemporary Expressive Colorist

I want my pictures to transcend the reality of description and instead create in viewers the same sense of joy and exhilaration I feel in painting, the beauty of an examined moment.

I paint what it feels like, not what it looks like. I want the movement and interaction of colors and shapes to feel like the rhythm and pulse of music and dancers. 

cathy sketching.JPG

"I paint landscapes because I love the feeling I get when I’m surrounded by nature and I’m fascinated by organic shapes. I’m inspired by the feel of the wind and how the movement it makes causes the light to dance in patterns of warm and cool. I am drawn to the night sky and the idea that looking at the light of stars is looking back in time. I use brushstroke marks to show the lines of energy I feel coming off the living shapes, spreading and combining throughout all aspects of nature."


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