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Where Winter Waters Spill through La Costa to the Sea

Where Winter Waters Spill through La Costa to the Sea

SKU: 3421

36W x 48H

$4100.00 unframed

This painting has been living in my head for many years! It is of my home on a canyon where a creek runs through a La Costa canyon and into Batiquitos lagoon and out into the ocean. There isn't an exact view of this - I had to fudge a little, but I was so happy to be asked to paint this view as a commission for my delightful neighbor! At last I was able to get it out on canvas!

A few secret surprises in the painting: in the house in the middle of the foreground, upstairs on the right, is where I live and that is my easel with a symbol of a sun for my dog Sunny. The house on the left with the two blue umbrellas is the home of the friend who commissioned the painting. 

My intention is to create a visual space for people to feel joy. In order to express emotion in my paintings I use color and composition to communicate my story. I’m not just copying something I have seen; I’m reliving something I felt.

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