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Summer Monsoon

Summer Monsoon

SKU: 3440

40W x 30H

$3500.00 framed $3150.00 unframed

A solitary black bird sits in an agave stalk watching the monsoonal clouds rise up from the mountains. Summer rain, the life blood of the southwest desert lands.

My brush strokes in the sky and the movement in the composition represent the energy of life. In the great swirling energy of the universe, you learn to rely on your ability to thrive and survive over time, to ride the waves of change and emerge transformed like the new flowers of Spring. 

I believe animals have emotions and attachments in life as humans do. Living with my beloved dogs over the years and watching them express themselves, it became clear they were very emotional and capable of feeling many flavors of emotion. I realized that ALL animals are like that, they have emotions and attachments in their lives that are similar to our own. I see them as being soul spirits just like we are, but inhabiting different bodies. I can imagine what it feels like to the the black bird, standing tall in a sandy land, watching the clouds of summer rise up and dispense waves of water from the sky. Being just another traveler on this journey of life.

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