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Song Along the River

Song Along the River

SKU: 3439

48W x 36H

$4860.00 framed $4510.00 unframed

There is a place along the Rio Grande between Santa Fe and Taos where you can see a farming community with orchards, and fields of growing things. There are littles houses and adobes, beautiful foliage some might call weeds, thriving and abundant, all wrapped up in the bubbling curves of the river. It is such a peaceful and serene setting. I can imagine myself in such a place, with the connection of belonging to the land, friends and neighbors. And when I imagine myself there, I am in the best place I can imagine.

The river has a song as it flows along, lapping the banks, hugging the rocks, tickling the fish. I stop and stitch myself into the scene and become part of the place that looks back and sees me.

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