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Journey to the Land of the Spirit

Journey to the Land of the Spirit

SKU: 3422

40W x 30H

$3150.00 unframed

I painted this just after my Mom who was 98 passed away. She had lived a long and beautiful life and I was filled with many emotions as I painted this. I was surprised by some of the colors that appeared, the deep browns and blacks; representing the grief of loss and missing her. But then I saw the pink clouds emerge and the brilliantly glowing hills and I felt I was traveling to a place of the spirit, where sadness and joy combine to make a rare new emotion built from a lifetime of experiences. The final goodbye and the remembrance of joy in the same beat of the heart.The feeling of intense love as it flies through you to the sprit land, no longer part of everyday life. And then there are the horses. The partners of many lifetimes, the loyal friends, the circles of connection that continue. The clouds catching the setting sun are the fleeting nature of time. The depth of the canyon and distance of the mountains represent the journey we are on, the story we are weaving with our days.

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