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Old Trucks


“Good Morning Old Truck”

I found this old truck off a dirt road in Santa Fe one summer. There had been a bear loose in the area, so I was kind of nervous around all the thick sage and underbrush, every breeze and shiver of branches was cause for concern. But my persistence paid off in this fun series of old trucks. I under painted the canvas in a brick red color – the perfect rusty color to show through all the greens.



Precariously perched half on blocks, down a dirt road in Santa Fe, I came upon this old gent on a long walk one afternoon and had to laugh at the license plate. How many long roads and tall sights did this fine specimen see in its day?

Purchase info: $800 unframed Size: 16″ x 20″ Medium: Oil


“Resting Rust”

I found this handsome old fellow by Lake Hodges on an early springtime walk. The sky was gloriously blue and the colors shone. I under-painted in brick red, and it made the perfect rust background.

Purchase info: SOLD

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