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New Website!

I'm delighted to present my new web page here! I've been working on combining three different sites and trying to figure out the best way to showcase all the things that I offer. I have my original paintings, which cover a variety of subject matters. If you want to keep checking back to see my newest work go here:

You can browse by subject matter, and look for specific animals or landscapes. With so many ways to browse I want to offer an elegant ease of use for my friends to visit and see my new works.

I also offer prints and accessories made from my painted images!

I posted a video I made last summer of my process, it is an introduction to my style and how I create paintings. Find it here:

I wrote a book on color theory called "The Philosophy of Color" and you can find out more about it here:

Please offer any advice or tips or just say if you enjoyed it, it would mean a lot.


To visit the full site:

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